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Fed up of hitting refresh in the hope that new customers have found you? We’ll help you do simple, yet stunningly effective marketing across

  • Web
  • Social
  • Search
  • Email
  • AI
  • Paid ads

Let us take the ‘aaagh!’ out of marketing

We get it: you love running a wellness business and helping people on their health and wellbeing journey is your mission.

But you don’t have enough people buying your products and services to make things really sustainable and marketing gives you the heebie-jeebies.

You know that marketing is an urgent priority for your business but you don’t know what the next steps are.

You don’t want to come across as pushy, aggressive, desperate or shameless and you don’t want to compromise your ethics.

But neither do you want to waste your time and money putting together campaigns that flop.

If only you had a creative, plain-spoken, reality-based, collaborative partner who could help you…

Identify the audiences who need what you offer

Find your perfect-fit customers amid a sea of noise and distraction and tailor your offerings to make them irresistable.

Craft compelling messsages that resonate and inspire action

Use the right words and images in the right way at the right time to bring you the right people. ​

Build seamless customer journeys that build trust and loyalty

Put together marketing, sales and aftercare into a cohesive whole to make your people feel thought of and valued. ​

We are a co-creative consultancy with a keep-it-simple attitude

You’ve invested huge amounts of time and effort creating wellness products and services that serve the needs of your customers. That’s your passion and expertise. Ours is helping you express all that love and attention in a straightforward way that brings you results for your business.


Track record in digital marketing​


Delighted clients

Are you a solo wellness practitioner, holistic therapist or coach?

Join my 4-week coaching and delivery programme to master the fundamental skills of marketing yourself in a profitable niche.

Work with more of the clients you love, with less stress.

We know you’ve been burned before

When you make your first forays into the world of onlinne marketing it’s easy to get dazzled by the latest shiny toys or carried away with ideas of quick, effortless successes.

We’ll help you focus on the fudamentals of marketing – which are as old as civilisation itself. When you get those right, all your efforts will help to build your business for the long term and you won’t just be throwing money into a black hole.

The fundamentals

(Well, some of them…)

You can’t be all things to all people

We’ll help you bring secificity and clarity to your marketing communications so that your efforts are focused and effective.

People buy from people

We’ll help you communicate your ethos, personality and approach in a way that resonates with your people and inspires trust.

You can’t sell to people who aren’t ready to buy

We’ll make sure your messages get in front of people at the right point of their journey so that you get the biggest return on your marketing investment.

Speaking of people buying from people…

I’m Jamie Griffiths, founder of PushButton and your only point of contact with the business. I’ll guide you through every step of your online marketing journey from market research to remarketing, taking care of the nuts and bolts so you have more time to spend with your customers. And to avoid conflicts of interest, I’ll ensure that you’re the only client we’re serving in your wellness niche.

  • One point of contact
  • Exclusivity in your niche

This isn’t our first rodeo

We consistently deliver excellent results for our clients.

Linda Cremin

“I’ve just met with Jamie for my website and business. He’s getting me to think and very informative! Highly recommended.”

Shamanic Healing London

“Jamie has only just started to look at my website and has already been amazing! 100% recommend Jamie Griffiths.”

Approved Index

“Jamie’s content and SEO work is consistently fantastic.”

Get started identifying your ideal customers, crafting messages that stop them in their tracks and building journeys that convert them into loyal customers.

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