Email Marketing

Transform your emails, transform your wellness business

Turn your subscriber list into a revenue-generating engine. Convert first-time customers into brand devotees who keep coming back for more.

Grow your email audiences and inspire them to take action

Your email list holds immense potential—but are you harnessing it to its full capacity?

PushButton’s tailored email marketing services will help you create customer journeys that connect with your audience, grow your subscriber base and convert their interest into action.

Email marketing with a human touch

Our personal, consultative approach helps us tailor your email strategy to the unique needs of your audiences and the goals of your business, to get you maximum impact. We work with a wide range of email marketing platforms and technologies so you can trust that we’ll find the right solution for you.

Strategy that’s bespoke

Your business is unique – we’ll help you develop an email strategy that connects with your customers in an engaging and respectful way.

Tech that fits

We’re not locked into any particular technologies – we’ll help you find the tools and platforms that best serve the needs of your business.

Content that performs

Benefit from copywriting expertise that specialises in engaging, converting and nurturing wellness audiences.

Reap the benefits of a joined-up approach to email

Email marketing is about more than just newsletters. We can help you use email to join up the different aspects of your online marketing efforts and create personalised journeys that your customers will love.

  • Email strategy
  • Technology set-up
  • Content planning and creation
  • Copywriting
  • Performance tracking

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Email Marketing FAQs

Your questions about how we do Email Marketing answered…

We’ve been designing and executing email campaigns in a wide range of industries for over 16 years but we’ve been specialising in the wellness industry for the past three years. We’ve helped wellness centres, massage businesses, acupuncturists, shamanic healers, yoga teachers and gyms, build their email lists and generate more revenue from their customer communications.

We hate spam as much as you do. We never advocate buying email lists, using shifty tactics for getting people’s email addresses or bombarding people with insane amounts of messages (which is counterproductive anyway). All our email marketing campaigns are fully compliant with data protection regulations.

That said, we feel that many wellness businesses fall into the opposite trap of being too nervous to send their customers an email more than once per month. We’ll help you find the confidence to take your audiences on lovingly-crafted email journeys that will get them excited about their next message from you and eager to buy your products and services.

We’ll also help you make more use of your transactional emails – order confirmations, booking reminders etc – so that they deliver more value for you and your clients.

Yes. We’ve used most of the industry-leading platforms and can help you configure them to meet your needs, as well as delivering content in the right format.

Yes. We can work with you to agree on a comprehensive strategy including email journeys that meet all the needs of your business and your audiences. We can manage and maintain your email lists, ensure that your email marketing seamlessly aligns with your other marketing efforts and track and measure performance so you know exactly what your return on investment is.

Of course. We’d love to help.

This all depends on how much work we’d need to deliver to help you reach your goals. We’ve achieved very good results for smaller clients spending just a few hundred pounds to create and execute self-contained email journeys and we’re very happy to quote on a project basis.

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